How to Request a Copy of Your Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates are legal documents that verify the essential details of your birth. They’re administered and kept by the U.S Department of Health, so they prove age as well as citizenship or parentage, and you can use them for any number of things like registering for school, getting married, obtaining a driver’s license/ID card and it’ll be necessary if applying for jobs.

Birth certificates are legal documents that prove your citizenship. They’re not issued at the federal level and each state has different information on them, but they still represent proof of where you were born so it’s essential for any research into yourself or family tree roots.

The first way to get a copy of your birth certificate is by contacting us, and we will help you with everything. The second option, if going in person isn’t possible or practical for some reason, then make sure that they have their certified copies made, which can be obtained from any vital statistics office within the United States.

When you apply for a birth certificate replacement, our team of professionals will help make sure that all the documentation is needed and work alongside your local vital statistics office. This way, there are no delays or penalties to worry about!

Do You Need Help to Request a birth certificate replacement?